Real money skill based eSport
tournament platform

Challenge and compete in Fortnite with the best and others.
Price money to the winners

Skill based games is an online platform for skill based game tournaments in the very popular eSport game Fortnite with over 350 million players.

Players pay a fee to enter tournaments and compete against each other.

The players who perform the best and places in the top will earn money from the price pool.

Read pressrelease from our partner Tourn.

Try it out at:
SHL - Yonyfy Manager Gamer
SHE - Yonyfy Manager Gamer
Handbollsligan - Yonyfy Manager Gamer
Hockeyallsvenskan - Yonyfy Manager Gamer

Manager games

Yonyfy has, in collabration with professional leagues in hockey and handball, previously been used as an application system to buy/sell and collect digital sports cards of your favorite players. You could also create your own cards.

Our partners included the top two swedish leagues in hockey, SHL and Hockeyallsvenskan, aswell as the top leagues in male and female handball, SHE and Handbollsligan.

Our Story

The YONYFY platform offers a wide range of services, such as skill based eSport game challenges and Manager games. The services can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

It is cloud based platform is running on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft sponsored YONYFY with 350000 dollars for hosting during the first three years.

The number of functions are growing and we offer payment services, ingame coins purchase, buy/sell functions, player accounts, real time statistics from eSport games and live score updates from hockey and handball matches, analyze tools and more.


We are now adding more real money skill based eSport games tournaments and to speed up, we are looking for new interesting partners that wants to join us on the journey.

Almi Invest has followed us and has contributed earlier and is one of the possible investors in next step.

One of our investors,, has also been our development partner since we started.